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Handmade in Maine

At Birch Stream Farms, we take pride in the fact that our meals are handmade in Maine. You can rest assured that our dedicated team of chefs and assembly staff will take special care in preparing your meals to ensure they are high quality, safe, and nutritious.

We design each of the Birch Stream Farms menu items with our customers’ taste preferences in mind. Starting in our development kitchen, our experienced chefs create each meal with a focus on bold flavors, exciting visual presentation, and innovative recipes. As the aging population culture changes, so do we; we are launching a line of boldly flavored, spicy choices in 2016. We test each recipe to ensure consistency in every batch, select quality ingredients, and prepare our meals just as you would at home in your kitchen.

Our team of registered dietitians reviews every recipe to ensure we meet and exceed the federal Reference Daily Intake (RDI) requirements and that our meals are wholesome and nutritious.

The quality assurance team works directly with our chefs and assembly staff to ensure our small batched recipes come together perfectly from pantry to final presentation. Birch Stream Farms believes that nothing is more nourishing and satisfying than a handmade meal and our family is proud to say our meals are handmade in Maine.

Take a look at our meals to see all of our meals handmade in Maine.